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Introduction to Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma training is the name of the process involved in business and manufacturing. The quality of a manufacturing process is rated in sigma which is a measurement of how free of defect the process is. Six sigma particularly means there is a 99.99% chance that when a machine makes the product part then it will be defect free.

The first use of the term six sigma training was done by Motorola. Then this term became commonly used in the fields of management and engineering.

So, six sigma is the process wherein the cause of defects in the manufacturing and business process are reduced and employees are expected to follow a certain chain of command or a certain sequence and attain a specific target each to make sure there is no or little variability. This leads to increase in profits, better customer experience, lesser costs, lesser time of the process and it takes into account also things like lesser pollution.

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Training of six sigma entails the following principles :

1. The aim of every business should be that the variation is maintained at a minimum and the process should be able to provide expected results.

2. The features of the business should be such that they are measurable, defined and thus mathematical in nature. The features can only then be analyzed, and controlled and easier to transformed and made better.

3. Quality improvement every year, and every quarter. For this what is needed is top leadership being passionate about their product, good decision making with little room for what cannot be quantified and hence quantifiable returns on investment.

A concept similar to six sigma training is lean management. The principles and tools are the same but the difference is the aim of the two programs. Six Sigma talks about reducing variability and finding defects but lean management talks about saving time and making the process more efficient.

Six Sigma consultants can be found in every organization these days to define a problem, calculate performance, identifying key reasons for poor performance and make the system better by targeting root causes to the problem, and then, in turn, improve the system and control the process. The steps followed are assessing the problem, planning a course of action, enabling the action taken and sustaining the action. The six sigma consultants work with the client throughout, and help them deal with their challenges.

Six sigma green belt training

It is the first step and here the students are introduced to make them successful at problem-solving ability. Anyone from an employee to a manager or supervisor can go for this course to apply efficiency, quality control and other methods learned to their own enterprise or business or startup.

Six Sigma black belt training

It is a more evolved form of training with impetus on a thorough knowledge of six sigma. This comes to use for leaders as it helps them learn how to assign roles to their team members. The Six Sigma consultants act as coaches and offer advice to top management position holders. The management officials then learn customer needs, customer expectations, how to select a team for a particular job, how to deal with sponsors and do their bit for the improvement of the overall manufacturing process. This course will also teach one to use the six sigma tools judiciously.

Six Sigma certification

It is useful for both enterprises and service verticals. You can make the best out of your career no matter what vertical you belong to. The things you learn with six sigma certification are enough to make you a change agent within your company and as an employee, you will earn more money, and get a better position in a company once you are a certified six sigma consultant.

Six sigma master black belt training is the most important of all six sigma courses. It gives you an insight into defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the solution for existing state of affairs. The training is the pinnacle of six sigma certification. Here the participants learn management strategies on how to improve product delivery, quality of the product, and help increase profits. Once again taking this course could mean better profile of job offers, hefty packages, and respect in your domain as an expert. For all these reasons six sigma consultants are found across the globe in almost every industry. It is because they do value addition to the role for which they are hired.

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