Why choose Quality Growth Services Private Limited As Six Sigma Training Provider?

Quality growth services privately limited consultants have been providing six sigma training to employees at all levels who are working in small, medium and large enterprises. The participants of this training program learn to define goals, measuring defects in the existing system, finding out the difference between goals and current level of progress and finally improving the system and attaining a larger share of the market. There are two sessions called the executive session and champion session.

Further, there is also black belt training wherein participants learn all about how team functions, SWOT analysis, and what could be the reason for a failure in a process and how to improve upon it. Trainers also help participants undertake green belt training. Green belt training teaches participants to focus on the customer. How a product can impress a client and seeking feedback from the client. For obtaining a good product as an end result the participants of green belt training are taught about two business models. One is DMADV ( define, measure, analyze, design and verify) and other is IDOV ( identify, design, optimize and verify).

One learns about nonparametric statistics which helps to evaluate complex data which has no certain amount of parameters. Destructive testing is also taught in the training. This test helps a company know how the product behaves under different loads. This test is easy to conduct, quite informative and also costs less.

In order to improve upon a project, you are taught how to construct a multi vary chart and how to interpret it. This method helps to find the source of variation. Is the variation coming from taking repeat reading of the same sample, or from testing of different samples within a short span, or else on significant gaps of time between samples? Optimization experiments are also a part of the six sigma training wherein the focus is on product design instead of process improvement. So, that is another very important aspect covered.

These tricks are only known to industry experts and our consultants will share them with your company employees who would benefit and add value to your company in turn. We believe there is a solution to every problem. We take pride in our principles of commitment to the task at hand, our passion for our work, and our industry and last of all our integrity. It is because of these principles that we serve clients in 25 nations since the last 22 years. Our clients are in manufacturing processes, automotive sector, service sector, and process industries.

Join hands with us to grow as industry experts, and become companies which give back to the society and which are truly global in nature.

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